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Empieza tu Orden

Mother and Daughter

   Ahora que sabe qué tamaño de tanque es el más adecuado para                                  usted, ¡puede seleccionar en qué tienda desea recoger!


                        Tenga en cuenta que debe devolver su tanque a la misma                                     tienda donde lo alquiló.


                              Una vez que seleccione su tienda, será llevado a la página                                 de pago donde puede seleccionar su tanque y pagar.


                             Luego, simplemente vaya a la tienda en persona y muestre                               su recibo al empleado y ellos le ayudarán con el resto.

There are no refunds, after the tank is in the customer's hands it is their responsibility to look after it to ensure there is no helium loss. See our Operations & Safety page for correct care and usage.

Choose your pickup location
from the list at the bottom or from this map.
 Our Dallas area
Partner Store locations

Store Hours

Mon - Fri:    10am - 5pm

Saturday:    10am - 1pm

Sunday:       Closed

4738 Gretna St Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75207

City Balloons, Dallas

Lilys 1 Logo .PNG

Store Hours

Monday:       9am - 5pm

Tue - Fri:      9am - 6pm

Saturday:     9am - 2pm

Sunday:        Closed

Lily's Balloon Store

3080 Rock Island Rd

Irving, TX 75061

Helium Balloon Tank Rental in Dallas

Helium 2 Rent offers helium balloon tank rental and service in the Dallas area through our Partner Store locations. We currently have one location available in Dallas where you can pick up your rental equipment but there will soon be more. These locations also carry party accessories if you need a supply of balloons in addition to picking up your helium balloon tank equipment. Liven up your party by browsing their inventory of party accessories!

Our helium tanks are made with aluminum, making them lighter than the average helium tank and easier to carry. They are also easy to use, allowing hassle-free decoration of your party or event. 

Helium 2 Rent offers a simple rental process. Check out our Helium Balloon Tank Rental Guide for detailed information about how to choose the right equipment to rent and pick it up from the Dallas store of your choice. 

When you are ready to proceed with rental, choose from one of the stores above. After choosing a location, you can choose a tank that’s available to rent. Three sizes are available. Review the product and make sure that the location information is correct. Also, choose the regulator that you need. “Standard” for regular balloons or “Combo Regulator” if you’ll be filling foil balloons.

Once you check out and pay, you can then go to the store location with the receipt to pick up your helium tank rental equipment. An employee will give you your rental and show you how to use the tank and regulator. They will also check the pressure and make sure the tank is full.

Make sure to bring the tank back within five days and to the same store location once you are done with rental. Also remember that there are no refunds for unused helium.

Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our helium balloon tank rentals in Dallas, how to operate your tank, or our rental process. 

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