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Terms and Conditions



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Rental Terms and Conditions



1. The period of hire commences when the equipment passes from the possession of Helium2Rent or its authorized representative and the payment by the Buyer or his representative or purported representative shall be conclusive proof of the passing of possession and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of hire.

2. The period of hire shall continue until possession of the equipment passes back to Helium 2 Rent or its authorized representative but without prejudice to any outstanding obligations of the Buyer which under the provisions of these conditions continue notwithstanding the return of the equipment to Helium2Rent.

3. Failure to return the equipment to Helium2Rent or its authorized representative within or at the end of the period of hire shall result in the Buyer paying to Helium2Rent $50 US Dollars per diem for the first two consecutive days. On the third day after the period of hire has ended and the equipment on hire has not been returned to Helium2Rent or its authorized representative, the Buyer will be charged the current retail purchase price of the equipment on hire. After the full amount of monies is received by Helium2Rent the ownership of the equipment on hire shall be transferred from Helium2Rent to the Buyer.



4. The equipment on hire shall remain the absolute property of Helium2Rent.

5. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to satisfy himself that upon receival of the equipment it is in good working order in an undamaged condition and the Helium Tank is at the appropriate pressure to constitute a full tank. Buyer's possession of the Helium Tank and Regulator shall be conclusive evidence that the Buyer has received the equipment in good working order and undamaged condition. Helium2Rent will not be responsible for any defects or deficiencies in the equipment after Buyer accepts the equipment and leaves the store.

6. Helium2Rent does not warrant that the equipment is suitable for the particular or any purpose for which it is or may be required.

7. The Buyer shall not permit children 17 years or younger operate the equipment.

8. The Buyer shall not take or permit to be taken the equipment out of the State of Texas nor use or permit it to be used for any abnormal or hazardous assignments without the prior written consent of Helium2Rent.



9. Throughout the period of hire the Buyer shall be responsible for the safe keeping of the equipment and shall be liable to Helium2Rent for all loss of or damage to the equipment howsoever caused.

10. The Buyer shall notify Helium2Rent of any loss of or damage to any equipment on hire within 48 hours of such loss or damage being sustained.

11. The Buyer shall not carry out or attempt to carry out any repairs to damaged equipment without the prior written authority of Helium2Rent. The Buyer shall pay to Helium2Rent all costs incurred by it in carrying out repairs to damaged equipment.

12. The Buyer shall pay to Helium2Rent the full cost of replacing any lost equipment or any equipment which in the reasonable opinion of Helium2Rent is uneconomic to repair with new equipment of the same or similar specification to that equipment which has been lost or damaged.



13. Helium2Rent accepts no liability for any damage or injury caused from improper use of equipment during the hire period to any Buildings, Persons, Animals or Vehicles. Responsibility of health and safety when using equipment during the Buyer period is the sole responsibility of the Buyer, Helium2Rent will not be liable for any loss or consequential loss suffered by the Buyer as the result thereof.



14. If Helium2Rent for any reason is unable to provide any equipment which is the subject of an agreement between Helium2Rent and the Buyer then Helium2Rent shall not be liable for any loss or consequential loss suffered by the Buyer as a result thereof.



15. Equipment will not be released until full amount of monies are paid to Helium2Rent by the Buyer at the agreed rate by both parties. All monies must be in US Dollars and be deemed legal tender and the correct value of the hire purchase cost including any taxes in which the Buyer may be liable



16. The Buyer shall at all times fully indemnify Helium2Rent its employees servants and agents against all actions costs claims demands proceedings or liabilities arising from or in connection with equipment materials or any other services supplied to the Buyer by Helium2Rent.

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