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Helium 2 Rent!

We offer helium tanks for rent or purchase through party stores across Houston, Dallas and Austin. Make your event memorable with colorful balloons by renting a helium tank!
Place your order online and pick it up in store, use it to fill balloons for your event, and bring it back within 5 days.

Having a party or event and need to fill a lot of balloons?

Renting a tank may be the way to go!

Interested in owning your own tank for future occasions or for a business?

Buying a tank is the right choice for you!

Already know what you want?

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"Why do I need a helium tank when I can just buy balloons from the store?"

Good question! Helium tanks offer many benefits that you can't get with purchased balloons. The biggest advantage is having as many balloons as you want at your event. If you had a store fill your balloons then you're limited on how many can fit in your vehicle. Or if you were to buy a cheap boxed pink helium tank they barely fill any balloons, are an air mixture, and they're non-recyclable.

When you rent or buy through us...

You're guaranteed to get quality helium in premium cylinders and great service. Our goal is to make you happy and

provide you with a quality product and good experience

to make sure your events go smoothly. The gas in our

cylinders is 98%+ pure helium, which means no air

mixtures like other companies, which means longer

float time for your balloons. Our cylinders are made

of a light weight aluminum alloy that's 30% to 50% 

lighter than steel cylinders.

Enjoy browsing our website and feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We're always happy to help.