Helium Balloon Tanks for Sale

Helium 2 Rent offers helium balloon tanks for sale. Owning your own tank is the smartest and most economical choice for a person who plans on having multiple events. Ideal for party planners or hosts who love to decorate,

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There's 4 big reasons why buying a tank is the best choice for you.

10% Savings compared to renting

When you own a Helium 2 Rent tank, refilling it is 10% cheaper than renting a tank of the same size. So not only do you get to keep it as long as you want, it's cheaper to refill compared to renting a tank.

Allows you to keep unused helium

Normally when you rent a tank, you have to return the unused helium left in your tank. But if you own your own tank you don't have to return it and can save that helium for your next party. This works especially well with 2 small tanks.

Free maintenance / lifetime warranty

Owning a tank usually comes with responsibilities, but with Helium 2 Rent we'll take care of everything:

DOT certification, 5-year hydrostatic testing, damaged/leaking valves, loose handles, worn/removed safety labels.

Every time a tank is exchanged it gets serviced, filled, and put back in a store. So every tank you receive is good to go!

100% trade in credit towards upgrades

If you ever want to purchase a larger tank then you can simply trade in your tank and 100% of the amount you paid for it will be applied towards the purchase of the new tank! Just pay the difference.

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How It Works


The first step to owning your own tank is to decide which size you want. A detailed selection of our helium balloon tanks for sale is below, as well as a balloon calculator to help you estimate how many balloons each tank can fill.


Once you've decided on a tank size, go to our Orders & Locations page and select a Partner Store near you. This will be the store you pick up your tank from. After you go through the checkout process and pay, that tank is reserved for you to pick it up whenever you would like.


When arriving at the store, tell the store employee the name for the order and they will hand you your tank and demonstrate how to use it. They will also check the pressure of the tank with a regulator to show you that it is full. It is the customer's responsibility to visually verify that their tank is full. There are no refunds. Once the tank is in the customer's possession, it is their responsibility to care for it to ensure there is no helium loss. Refer to our Operations & Safety page for proper care and usage.

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After you receive your tank you can take it home and keep it as long as you want, it's yours! When your tank is empty, order a refill from our website. Then bring your empty tank to the Partner Store and they will exchange it for a full tank of the same size. Even though you're getting a new tank, we still refer to it as a "refill" but you can think of it like a swap or exchange.

Lastly, to fill balloons with your helium tank you need to use a regulator. Buying a tank does not include a regulator, it must be purchased separately. You don't have to buy the regulator from us, there are many different types of regulators available at other stores online. We offer a regulator that can fill both latex and foil balloons which you can find when you checkout.

Balloon Calculator

We created a Balloon Calculator to help you compare the tanks before you buy one. If you would like to use it, simply select the size of the balloon in the left column and put the amount of balloons in the right column. It will add up the volume needed to fill those balloons, and suggest a tank size for you. This calculator estimates round latex balloons only.

This calculator should be considered a broad estimation. Volumes vary between balloon manufacturers and if the balloons are over/under filled. Because there are too many variables, Helium2Rent cannot guarantee all balloons will be filled by the suggested tank. Helium2Rent can only guarantee the volume in each tank is correct, that our equipment is in working order, and that our helium is 98% pure.

For reference, here are our 3 tank sizes and the volume of helium they contain.

Balloon Buddy: 27 cubic feet

Party Animal: 60 cubic feet

Show Stopper: 150 cubic feet

If you have a very large event and our tanks don't have enough helium, you can try our friends at PrimeHelium.com. (for Houston only)

Weight:     10 lbs
Volume:    27 cubic feet
Height:       21" Tall 
Width:        7" Diameter


Purchase Price


Fill Count*

Balloon Size






*Chart is only an estimate, actual balloon count will vary depending on balloon manufacturer and over/underfilling balloons.

The Balloon Buddy





Our smallest tank but still capable of filling all the balloons needed to turn a small get-together into a vibrant party. This little guy contains 27 cubic feet of helium which means it can fill 50 of the standard 11" balloons. Weighing in at 10 pounds it's a breeze to carry around, especially with its black carrying handle. A full Balloon Buddy will read 1,800psi on the regulator's gauge.


The cost to own a Balloon Buddy is $235. Every time you exchange it for a refill the cost will be $76.50. The refill cost is 10% cheaper than renting a Balloon Buddy.

The Party Animal

Balloon Size


9 inch

11 inch

17 inch

36 inch

5 foot






*Chart is only an estimate, actual balloon count will vary depending on balloon manufacturer and over/underfilling balloons.

Twice the volume of the Balloon Buddy, the Party Animal has 60 cubic feet of helium in a portable size. Capable of filling 120 standard 11" Balloons. Lightweight, it can be carried with one hand. Plop this Party Animal on a table with a bag of balloons and you've got a roaring good time ahead of you. A full Party Animal will read 1,800psi on the regulator's gauge.

The cost to own a Party Animal is $375. Every time you exchange it for a refill the cost will be $148.50. The refill cost is 10% cheaper than renting a Party Animal.

Weight:     20 lbs
Volume:    60 cubic feet
Height:       29" Tall 
Width:        8" Diameter

party animal fixd_edited.jpg

Purchase Price


Party Animal







Weight:     50 lbs
Volume:    150 cubic feet
Height:       54" Tall 
Width:        8.6" Diameter

XL Pink Tank FINAL PNG.png

Purchase Price


Show Stopper
The Show Stopper
Fill Count*






9 inch

11 inch

17 inch

36 inch

5 foot


Balloon Size

                   *Chart is only

                    an estimate,

                   actual balloon

                  count will vary

                depending on

             balloon manufacturer 

     and over/underfilling balloons.

Our largest tank, ideal for turning large gatherings and events into breathtaking scenes. It contains a whopping 150 cubic feet of helium, an ample amount to transform your event into something special. The Show Stopper stands 4½ feet tall, the perfect height for filling while standing. We recommend using a dolly to move it around. It comes with a solid metal cap to protect the valve, simply unscrew it to put on the regulator. A full Show Stopper will read 2,000psi on the gauge.

The cost to own a Show Stopper is $575. Every time you exchange it for a refill the cost will be $247.50. The refill cost is 10% cheaper than renting a Show Stopper.


Our helium balloon tanks for sale do not include a regulator. Listed here are all the regulators we sell. There is only one difference between them so picking one should be easy. If you don't like our selection, you don't have to buy the regulator through us, you can purchase one online if you wish. Any regulator that has a CGA580 fitting will fit our helium tanks. Our Partner Stores carry both sizes so if you order online you'll pick it up at your chosen partner store.

Regulator care is important, click the button to learn about proper handling and maintenance.

Standard Regulator
Latex Reg Web Pic.png


The Standard Regulator is $45. It has a latex tip that fills only latex balloons. It is possible to fill foil balloons with it but it is difficult and not recommended. Comes with a gauge that reads the tank pressure. A full tank will read 1,800psi or 2,000psi, depending on the tank size.

Combo Regulator
Combo Regulator Web Pic.png


The Combo Regulator is $75. It has two tips which can easily fill latex or foil balloons. The foil tip has an auto-shutoff feature which detects when a foil balloon is full and will stop inflating. Comes with a gauge as well which reads the tank pressure (psi).