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Mother and Daughter

     Now that you know which helium tank is the best fit for you, you're ready to                     select which store to pick up your tank from.


                         Remember to return it to the same store

                            you rented it from.

                              Once you choose the store, you'll be taken to the                                                     checkout page where you select your tank and pay.

                              Then go to the chosen store in person and show the store                                    clerk your receipt. They'll hand you the tank and regulator and                             demonstrate to you how to operate it.

                  They're also going to check the pressure of your tank with a                            regulator. This is when you should check that the tank you receive is full.             It's your responsibility to visually verify that the tank is full.

There are no refunds, after the tank is in your possession it is your responsibility to care for it to insure there is no accidental helium loss. Refer to the Operations & Safety page for safe operation and care.

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Austin area
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9801 Anderson Mill Rd Suite 206, Austin, TX 78750

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Store Hours

Mon - Fri:   10:30am - 4:30pm

Saturday:   10:00am - 2:00pm

Sunday:      Closed

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