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We've compiled a list of resources for you to use to help your event go smoothly. It includes a Balloon Calculator, frequently asked questions, tips, and coming soon: how to care for your tank and regulator.

Image by Jo Szczepanska
Balloon Calculator

We created a Balloon Calculator to help you decide which tank to choose for your event. Simply select the size of the balloon in the left column and put the amount of balloons in the right column. It will add up the volume needed to fill those balloons, and suggest a tank size for you. This calculator estimates round latex balloons only.

This calculator should be considered a broad estimation. Volumes vary between balloon manufacturers and if the balloons are over/under filled. Because there are too many variables, Helium2Rent cannot guarantee all balloons will be filled by renting the suggested tank. Helium2Rent can only guarantee the volume in each tank is correct, that our equipment is in working order, and that our helium is 98% pure.

For reference, here are our 3 tank sizes and the volume of helium they contain.

Balloon Buddy: 30 cubic feet

Party Animal: 60 cubic feet

Show Stopper: 150 cubic feet

If you have a very large event and our tanks don't have enough helium, you can try our friends at (for Houston only)

Frequently Asked Questions


No. We only fill Helium2Rent brand helium tanks. 

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