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Listed here are all the regulators we sell. There is only one difference between them so picking one should be easy. If you don't like our selection, you don't have to buy the regulator through us, you can purchase one online if you wish. Any regulator that has a CGA580 fitting will fit our helium tanks. Our Partner Stores carry both sizes so if you order online you'll pick it up at your chosen partner store.

Regulator care is important, click the button to learn about proper handling and maintenance.

Standard Regulator
Latex Reg Web Pic.png


The Standard Regulator is $45. It has a latex tip that fills only latex balloons. It is possible to fill foil balloons with it but it is hard and not recommended. Comes with a gauge that reads the tank pressure. A full tank will read 1,800psi or 2,000psi, depending on the tank size.

Combo Regulator
Combo Regulator Web Pic.png


The Combo Regulator is $75. It has two tips which can easily fill latex or foil balloons. The foil tip has an auto-shutoff feature which means it can tell when a foil balloon is full and it stops inflating. Comes with a gauge as well which reads the tank pressure (psi).

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